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Wake up on time without an alarm

2 practical tips to get out of bed easier


September, 2016

A couple days ago, my sister shared this cartoon on Facebook:

Snooze Cartoon

I used to be a chronic snoozer.

And having recently made a few changes to my morning routine that have made my life better, I thought I’d share these 2 simple and practical things I’ve been doing to get myself out of bed on time without having to fight off morning death eaters.

1. Don’t set an alarm

Ask yourself; “How many hours of sleep do I need in order to perform well during the day?”

Generally speaking, we need about 7-9 hours of sleep. Everybody is different but anything below 6 hours starts to become unhealthy.

I’m not a doctor and this isn’t medical advice. You know yourself and you know how many hours of sleep you need to function well during the day.

Pick a number, a healthy number, and stick to it.

Once you have your number, don’t set an alarm before bed. Set a timer instead.

99.999999% of mobile phones will have a built in timer app. Use that.

When you start setting a timer before bed (instead of an alarm clock) you are forced to see exactly how much sleep you will get in order to be up in time for whatever priorities you have the next day.

Suddenly “just one more episode of Game of Thrones” starts to become less appealing when you know it will mean setting your timer to 6hours 30mins instead of 7hours 30mins.

As you get better at sticking to your required amount of hours, you will become more aware of your “bedtime” and by default, you’ll notice yourself winding down at the same time every night.

Another interesting thing that starts to happen is if you are consistent with the number of hours you’re getting, your body clock will start to naturally wake you in the morning.

I often find myself getting out of bed with 5 minutes or less to go on my timer. A couple days ago, I got up and my timer had 33 seconds left on it.

High-five brain! ✋

“… don’t set an alarm before bed. Set a timer instead.”

2. Place your phone/timer out of reach

This is my key to winning the morning.

Don’t leave your phone on your bedside table.

Put it in a place where you have to physically get up out of bed to turn off the timer. If possible and for extra brownie points, put it on a shelf across the room so you have to walk a few steps to get to it.

Not only will this get you out of bed in the morning, it will also stop you from scrolling through your Facebook feed for hours the night before.

The timer’s ring tone is off, the death eaters have been beaten and you are standing out of bed in your undie pants ready to attack the day.

Win! 🏆



Resist using your mobile phone for the first 30minutes of your day.

This will prevent you from sitting right back down as soon as you turn the timer off.

Rather get going with the rest of your morning routine and check how many Instagram likes your selfie got after breakfast.


Do you have a morning hack of your own? Tweet me @thewzrdharry or send me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

Peace ✌️

Who is Harry?

David Preston, aka ‘The Wzrd Harry’, is a photographer based in London.

Who is Harry?

David Preston aka ‘The Wzrd Harry’ is a photographer based in London.