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Snow in Sevenoaks

by | Feb 11, 2017 | Photosets

A couple weeks ago, before moving to London, I spent some time in Sevenoaks, in the South East of England.

When I arrived in the area, I searched Google maps for any interesting places to explore. I spotted the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve not far from where I was staying. When I got there, I realized that my camera had no memory card in it. Smart guy. I managed to grab a few cool shots on my iPhone though.

Shoutout to iPhones

I didn’t plan on returning to the reserve, but after a night of heavy snowfall, I had to explore the area again. And with a memory card in my camera this time.

Some well dressed horses on the way into the reserve.

The same van looking a little colder than the day before.

Who would have thought little old Sevenoaks in the SE of England had such a photogenic little reserve. I’m so glad I decided to get out and explore the area. It just proves that you have no idea what’s out there until you’re out there.


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