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London to the Lakes for £10

Three Days Exploring the Lake District



A return ticket from London to the Lake District for £20? Yup!

When I saw Virgin Trains running their summer seat sale, I had one thought.

Go exploring as far North as possible without going to Scotland (I’ll be in Scotland in December). I picked up a ticket from London to the Lake District, in the North of England for £10 and back to London for another £10 a couple days later.

Each journey took only 3 and half hours on Virgin’s speedy trains 🚄. High-5 Virgin!

I think I’m sleeping on the bus. I don’t know how I took this photo.

How about those shorts and them chicken legs. Fashion police can’t get me up here.

Fell off this giant tree. If you look carefully there is a look of pure terror on my face.

What am I looking at?

This guy was just chilling on top of this mountain all on his own. We had lunch together.

I’ve been very impressed by UK summer sunsets.

If you ever get the chance to go hiking in the Lake District, do it!


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Who is Harry?

David Preston, aka ‘The Wzrd Harry’, is a photographer based in London.

Who is Harry?

David Preston aka ‘The Wzrd Harry’ is a photographer based in London.