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The Best Free Rooftop Viewpoint in London

by | Mar 5, 2017 | Photosets

This is the best free rooftop viewing deck I’ve experienced since moving to London.

Located on the top floor viewing deck of the Tate Switch House, this view is pretty spectacular considering it’s completely free and open to the general public. It’s super easy to find, just look up ‘Tate Switch House’ or the ‘Tate Modern’ online. When you get there ask for the Tate Switch House. Jump on an elevator to the top floor viewing deck – you’ll see the signs.

The beauty of this view is that it is a 360-degree viewing deck, meaning you can walk all the way around in a big square. The view on the back end of the deck is a little obstructed by nearby buildings, but the view over the river Thames is pretty stellar. I highly recommend heading up about an hour or so before sunset. If the sun is out, you’ll get a golden light reflecting off the water of the Thames and the buildings surrounding you. The crowds are pretty manageable too. I went up on a Friday afternoon after 4pm on a really good sunny evening and found plenty space on the edge of the railings.

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Here’s the view:


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